InstaTV-Server-2.1-Beta with DVB-T support

We are working on next release of InstaTV Server with DVB-T support. It will enable streaming live DVB-T TV from Windows PC (with any compatible DVT-T tuner) to iOS devices. We need people from differernt countries to check the compatibility with all the brands/manufactures of DVB-T tuners. Server works with released InstaTV-2.0 iOS client (Lite/Standard/Pro) that is available in the AppStore. The testing is very simple, just install the new InstaTV-Server then do a channel scan to see if it is able to detect tuner and find all available channels. A log file will be automatically uploaded for analysis. If channel scanning works, select any channel for playback. If playback failed, contact us and we will make it work.

  • (released on Dec 11, 2012) InstaTV-Server-2.1 Beta2 is now available
    • Get InstaTV-Server-2.1.0-beta2-win32.msi
    • Changes:
      • A reworked live transcoding engine.
      • Improve channel scanning/tuning code. A lot more stable.
      • Added support for DVB-T tuning and streaming
      • Improved logging and diagnose information generation.
      • Windows XP is no longer used for testing and it may not be supported.
      • Fixed: 6Mhz/7Mhz issue on beta1
      • Fixed: lots of the crashes from beta1
      • Fixed: able to import channel guide from WMC for DVBT and CableCard setup
    • Known Issue:
      • iOS client can't use the imported tv guide. A client update is required.
    • Note:
      • For most of the world, including Europe, 64QAM modulation and 8Mhz bandwidth should be used. If that doesn't find any channel, try 16QAM and 8Mhz. If still doesn't find any channel, visit , select your country and look at the bottom of the page to see which modulation and bandwidth should be used.