InstaTV Server for Windows

InstaTV Server is required by InstaTV. It works with any Windows compatible ATSC/ClearQAM/DVB-T digital TV tuners and re-encodes live TV into iOS/Android native video format for playback.

  • Features:
    • Multi-tuner live streaming. Stream different channels to multiple clients.
    • Directly stream live TV to AppleTV without using iPad/iPhone
    • Support HDHomeRun Prime with unprotected channels
  • Requirements:
    • A dual core computer with Windows Vista+
    • TV Guide requires Windows 7+ Media Center configured
    • Any Windows compatible ATSC/ClearQAM/DVB-T tuner. See Supported TV Tuners
    • Any SiliconDust HDHomeRun tuner (ATSC/QAM/CableCard/DVB-T)
    • Apple Bonjour for automatic discovery and configuration.
  • Limitations:
    • Ceton InifiTV CableCard Tuner is not supported
    • Windows Media Center may require a separate purchase on Windows 8+